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Technobabylon: Deluxe Edition (pc game)
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The future's bright, man...

Like a combination of classic point-and-click adventures such as Beneath a Steel Sky mixed up with the cyberpunk aesthetic of Neuromancer, Technobabylon is a cracking game which is well worth adding to your collection. It's got everything you want from such a game, with a complex, multi-layered narrative, stylish visuals and plenty of challenging puzzles, so if you like it futuristic and old-school, then this is for you. In a future where genetic engineering is the norm and an AI watches over everything, you'll find yourself following the lives of three diverse individuals who are about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime. The plot is a big draw here, especially the way the individual stories blend together, so to say too much of it is to spoil its appeal, but suffice to say, its deep, thought-provoking and entertaining to the end. The gameplay is very familiar stuff and requires you to wander around the sci-fi city, exploring and chatting with the locals while solving numerous inventory-based puzzles but while it may be familiar, the game's core is solid as a rock. The controls are simple and intuitive, making it easy to wander around and manage your inventory. There's plenty of eye candy too, as although the graphics are done in that hand-drawn, old-school way, there's some superb design work on display here, with some wonderful environments to enjoy and some interesting character work. The story is gripping and full of genuinely mature themes, giving the player plenty to think about as they explore, while the puzzles are clever, inventive and challenging. The future may be dark but if it's this cool, then count me in.

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