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The BoX (pc game)
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  • Image related to The BoX game sale. Credit: Steam.
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  • Image related to The BoX game sale. Credit: Steam.

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Stranger in a strange land

Although it's a far cry from the likes of Mario and Sonic, The BoX is actually a platformer that is dressed up in some highly original clothing and which drags the genre kicking and screaming into the 21st century. It combines elegant visuals with compelling gameplay and original mechanics to create an enthralling experience which deserves to be in any serious gamer's collection. The game throws you into a highly abstract and stylized world which requires you to take on the mysterious BoX and find your way to freedom. You'll explore a series of side-scrolling levels while making use of your various color-based abilities to complete challenges and overcome hazards. The controls are very much based around physics so there's a lot of both dexterity and mental skill required if you want to succeed, while there are also plenty of secrets and shortcuts to discover as you explore this strange land. There's none of the traditional killing and mayhem involved here and instead you'll find a thoughtful but never less than engaging game here. The BoX gets off to a great start with its low-key but highly attractive visuals, which make effective use of color and simple design work to suck you into this alternative world. Things get better when you start playing properly and experiment with the world and your abilities. The inventive mechanics are introduced well thanks to an intuitive system which really sucks you even further in. There's heaps of levels to play through so if you're looking for a striking and addictive game, this is for you.

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