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Floating down the river

The Flame in the Flood is a pretty darn entertaining little survival Rogue-like which mixes slick, stylish visuals, intelligent story-telling, and some very involving gameplay to compelling effect. It suffers from a few issues, including a fair wodge of bugs and a few wobbly moments with the controls, but for the most part, this is jolly good stuff. The idea here is that you must make your way through a forgotten America by sailing down a procedurally generated river. Similar to other survival games, you're going to need to scavenge for supplies, craft resources, survive deadly encounters with the local wildlife, and stay one step ahead of the pouring rains which dog your every step. You'll also have to keep yourself in good health by finding medicinal herbs and such-like to cure any illnesses you pick up along the way, making the whole thing feel a little like an updated Oregon Trail. You'll also meet plenty of colorful characters along the way, who add even more depth and interest to your journey, while you can expect to make some pretty tricky decisions too. The Flame in the Flood starts out well by simply looking lovely. The visuals are stylish and full of personality, with beautiful use of color and some striking and atmospheric design work. The gameplay too is compelling, with the crafting not being overly involved but which is fun nonetheless, while the addition of the river is a stroke of genius, as it feels as much as a character as the other people you meet. There are bugs and issues with controls when on foot but apart from these niggles, this is excellent stuff.
The Flame in the Flood (pc game)
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