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The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing II (pc game)
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The original Van Helsing was a wonderful slice of Diablo-style adventuring which mixed some cracking visuals with intense gameplay to great effect. The third game in the series, Van Helsing III, was something of a disappointment but this first sequel lives up to the quality of the original and should definitely be checked out by hack 'n' slash fans. As you might expect, you once again take control of the legendary monster hunter and once again you find yourself caught up in a complex tale of weird science and even weirder creatures which must be slain with extreme prejudice. All the elements you would expect from such an adventure are here, such as various character classes, lots of weapons and skills to choose from and of course plenty of in-your-face action to go with the exploration. However, you can also look forward to tower defense mini-games, resource management as you help out the Borgovian Resistance, crafting and all sorts of other things too. Although much of what is available here is not particularly new or innovative, it has to be said that for the most part everything is so well done that it doesn't really matter. The visuals are lush with a great mix of fantasy and science fiction elements that create a striking and intriguing world. The action is full-on and enjoyable all the way, with the variety of skills and weapons adding much to the depth and which will keep you playing for some time. The story too is enjoyable with some nicely written and witty dialogue so overall, this is a great bet for dungeon crawling fans.