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The Last Federation - The Lost Technologies (pc game)
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Could have stayed lost

The Last Federation is a very playable piece of science fiction strategy that features lots of turn-based combat and some pretty challenging tactical situations, and which is well worth playing if you like Master of Orion or AI War. The Lost Technologies is an add-on pack for it which requires the base game to play, but if you're looking for a way to extend its lifespan, this is a reasonable way to do it, although there's not that much content. There's a mix of small tweaks here and there, as well as some larger additions but on the whole this is a just a fair example of an expansion pack. The base gameplay is obviously pretty similar, but the changes include alterations to things like the individual races' tech trees which makes them stand out a bit more from one another, while there's also a new game mode based around tech which requires you to win a sort of science-based arms race before the other races. You also have champions which are more challenging enemies which have access to exclusive abilities, while there's also a new mission, some more turrets and a new planet type. The Lost Technologies really does live up to ts name, and anyone expecting a major new story campaign or something similar is likely to be disappointed as that's not the focus here. Instead, you get lots of fairly minor adjustments which don't overly impact on the gameplay and which are likely not to be noticed by more casual players. If you're a bit more hardcore though, you're going to appreciate what's going on, although that does rather restrict the appeal of this add-on.

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