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The Maw (pc game)
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Gobble gobble

Despite its serious sounding name, The Maw is actually a fairly light-hearted action romp which isn't anything special but which might provide a few hours of entertainment if you enjoy this sort of thing. The game kicks off with a bounty hunter ship crash landing on an alien world, with only two survivors. One of these is the bounty hunter Frank and the other is the Maw, the deadliest creature in the entire universe. Maw is particularly dangerous as anything he eats is absorbed and he takes on its traits. Together, Frank and the Maw must work together to escape from the mercs who are now hunting them down. The game is basically a third-person action adventure where you control Frank and the Maw (via an electric leash) as they attempt to find their freedom. Your main goal is to keep the Maw fed by nabbing the various creatures that inhabit the world and giving them to him so that he grows, with their absorbed abilities allowing you to reach new areas. The Maw is certainly a fairly cheap and cheerful offering and it's not going to last you forever, but for a few hours of entertainment, you could do worse. It packs a lot of charm into both the gameplay and the visual stylings, with some nice environments and character work to enjoy and some entertaining gameplay to have fun with. It is a linear game and has little replay value while the level design can be a little simplistic but if you don't mind this, then you're sure to have a lot of fun experiencing the adventures of Frank and the Maw.