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The Real Texas (pc game)
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A classic adventure

A bizarre but hugely enjoyable mix of Zelda and Ultima, The Real Texas is a real treat for gamers looking for an action adventure that has that elusive spark of personality and which makes for an entertaining time. The story revolves around Sam, a Texas rancher who decides to go to England on a holiday. Once there, he visits an old castle but finds it deserted and when he goes into a strange blue portal, he finds himself transported to an alternate universe. What follows is an epic adventure that finds Sam jumping back and forth between worlds as he attempts to unravel the mystery of what exactly is going on. What follows is a familiar adventure, that is viewed in overhead fashion and which sees Sam exploring, chatting with NPCs, collecting items, solving puzzles and engaging in real-time combat with various nasties. As is usual with such games, there are plenty of sub-quests to complete and which can be quite long-winded and which require some thought on the part of the player. As you explore, you discover clues and notes which help you piece together what exactly is going on here, while there are also conversation trees to navigate and which help even more. The Real Texas really is quite a treat which deserves to be played. Although the gameplay isn't overly original, it's executed with enough confidence and style to overcome this and is rarely less than great fun to play. The story is intriguing, with a good sense of progression and mystery and should have you hooked until the end, so if you're looking for a real adventure to get lost in, this is for you.

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