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The Swindle (pc game)
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  • Image related to The Swindle game sale. Credit: Steam.
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  • Image related to The Swindle game sale. Credit: Steam.

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You will feel swindled

The Swindle scores a lot of points for style and originality but it unfortunately loses most of them by being a frustrating experience for most of its running time. The game throws you into a steampunk world where computers and AI are widespread and where you are a master thief. The game is basically about breaking into all sorts of hi-tech and heavily protected places, stealing the goodies that lie within and then getting out before the cops find you. You have access to a neat air ship where you can upgrade your thief with newly acquired skills and gear, while levels are viewed from a side on perspective and which are procedurally generated so you never experience the same thing twice. The game itself is a mixture of stealth and platforming with a bunch of cool looking toys that can help you sneak past the guards or blow them up, if that is your fancy. On paper at least, this sounds like it would make for a great bit of crime caper fun, like the superb Stealth Inc. However, while it us quite clever and inventive, there are just a few too many issues with the design and which prevent it from being as fun as it should be. The controls are pretty ropy, with movement being sluggish and awkward when it should be slick and fluid. Jumping is just inconsistent, resulting in many frustrating attempts to bounce of walls and which brings the fun factor down. The random level generation sounds good but often results in dead ends which again gets irritating, while the stealth aspect is also poorly implemented. Overall, great idea let down by bad execution.

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