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The Way (pc game)
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Another life

Clearly inspired by classic platform adventures like Flashback and Another World, The Way is a bold, intriguing game which is just sadly let down by some fairly major flaws and which prevent it from living up to its full potential. It's got a great narrative, some super slick and stylish visuals and some great puzzles but is let down by ropey controls, dodgy hit detection and a few other major problems, making it a tough one to recommend. The story is a bold one and finds a space explorer attempting to come to terms with the death of a fellow adventurer. After discovering ancient texts discussing the possibility of eternal life on an alien planet, he returns there in the hope that he might somehow be reunited with his partner but soon discovers that there's more to this planet than meets the eye. The gameplay here is similar to the aforementioned classics, being a mix of 2D exploration, platforming, and puzzle-solving, as you explore the alien world in search of answers. The Way could have been a modern classic, right up there with the games which inspired it and indeed for much of the running time, it's certainly enjoyable. The story is imaginative and well told, with some interesting themes that really make you think. The puzzles too are generally satisfying, being logical, fascinating and challenging to solve while the visuals are strikingly designed, with some very unusual environmental design work. However, things are let down by the poor controls which are too rigid for their own good while the hit detection is imprecise and which leads to numerous unfair deaths. These problems, combined with others, result in a game which is frustratingly close to being close but which ultimately doesn't deliver the goods.

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