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Theatre of War 3: Korea (pc game)
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The Theatre of War series is a pretty extensive set of real-time strategy games, each based around different historical conflicts and which provide fairly solid tactical experiences. This one doesn't stray too far from the template laid down by its predecessors but adds in a new battle to try out and which remains an enjoyable experience. As the name suggests, you get to replay the first hot war of the Cold War, the Korean War. There are two separate campaigns to play through here, one for the Koreans and one for the Americans, each with a number of different missions to complete. Like earlier games in the series, there's a strong focus on realism here, so you'll need to consider things like trajectory when firing, making this one a good choice for those who like authenticity. There's a number of units for each side that you'll have to make use of while the missions themselves are varied and give a good representation of the actual conflict. One new feature here is the addition of aerial units, alongside a new strategic mode, as well as a battle and campaign generator which includes the USSR as a faction and which allows you to create interesting "what if" scenarios. For the most part, this is a nicely entertaining little strategy game. It's perhaps not for the total genre noob and is it quite detailed, although it's not too hard to get into. The two campaigns are quite extensive and challenging so should keep veterans going for some time, while the visuals are impressive, and which make this a good choice if you're into this sort of thing.

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