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Toren (pc game)
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Become the Moonchild

Toren is a strikingly beautiful adventure that is perfect for followers for things like Deponia and which makes for an entertaining time. It's got a very stylish look to it, some interesting puzzles and a story which should keep you hooked to the end, so if you're after something a bit different, this is a good bet. You play the part of the Moonchild, a lonely being whose destiny it is to climb a mysterious tower in search of the truth behind your existence. As you venture forth on this journey of discovery, you'll face monsters of the imagination as well as challenging puzzles, and you'll actually see your character develop from a child into a full grown adult, making the journey even more complex than it at first appears. The game itself is a mix of light combat and puzzle solving, with the storytelling aspect encouraging gamers to tease their own meaning out of the events which unfold. The puzzles are mostly environmental in nature, and are genuinely clever for the most part, being both challenging and satisfying to solve. Toren is certainly an unusual experience, and while it might not be for everyone, if you do like things a bit surreal and out there, then you should have a good time here. The visual style is undeniably stylish, with some very cool character and environmental designs, although they might be a bit twee for some people. The same could be said of the story too, but as far as fairy tales go, it's good stuff. There are some issues with the controls, which makes things a bit frustrating, but apart from this, Toren is an intriguing adventure that is well worth taking.

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