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Total Immersion Racing (pc game)
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  • Got two more to overtake
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Great racing game

Total Immersion Racing is a racing videogame developed by Razorworks and published by Empire Interactive. The game might first appear to be a simulation racing game, but when you start your first race and pass your first opponent, you'll realize that in fact it's an arcade-style racing game, which raises the fun factor. The game has 4 game modes: single race, career, time trial and challenge, all of them being self-explanatory and fifteen cars to race with, however at the beginning, some of these cars need to be unlocked in order to drive them. There is even a bonus car, but it's up to you to find out about it. There is a total 12 circuits in the game, 8 of these circuits contain 4 tracks with two different configurations. While some of these circuits are real-life ones, others, like Minato City and Talheimring are fictional tracks. The gameplay is a lot of fun. The cars don't take any damage, so you don't have to worry about that. The sense of speed is excellent and the AI are very competitive. The graphics look amazing and the sound of roaring engines is very satisfying. So, if you're into games like Need for Speed, Total Immersion Racing is the one racing experience you should definitively try out!