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  • 4.55 out of 5 (62 votes)
    Total Soccer 2000 (pc game)
  • Genre: Sport, Soccer, Tournaments
  • Software house: Iridon Software
  • Year: 1999
  • System: Windows
1 out of 5

A bad try at a football game

Just another soccer game, you would say. There are millions of others, you would say. Take Football Manager. That is a good game, right? And I would say that you are right. Total Soccer was released in 1999 by Live Media and it didnt make the world stop spinning. You play the game from the birds perspective, meaning you control a bunch of very little people playing the centurys old game. The top down view can be really annoying since you dont really see much and it mostly looks like looking at the game from a helicopter. Even without that, the graphics are very, very bad. The gameplay is pretty standard. You contol 11 team mates whose purpose in life is to score a goal. You can play against the computer of a friend, online or side by side. The music is sporty like, a techno tune that keeps repeating and there are sounds of the crowd when you score. I dont see how can this game be enjoying in any way. The looks are bad, the sound is bad, and you barely see anything because the players are so small. There are a million other soccer games, as I said in the beginning. Try those out first. Or best, stick to Football Manager. At least thats guaranteed quality.

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