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Ultima (pc game)
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A great rpg hit

Here a great role game that will you make a deep dive in the past. The theme is fictitious where a land has been broke down into 4 different continents and each of the continents has two different lords which makes them 8 in total. The lords have their differences and every continent is facing some mysteries and troubles. Your charcter in the game will move from continent to continent and from town to town within the continent and will also be doing the exploring and the action in the castles as they are 2 castles in each of the part. The map in the game will guide you about different locations where you need to move in the game and you will also be fighting with monsters in different dungeons and killing them will enable you to get some very important items. The variety of power up in different quests have been dispersed very effectively and are quite diverse. You can create your own character and then set off to face the enemies and to explore this fictitious but very well designed and diverse world. The user interface and the graphics of this game are also very prolific which makes Ultima a true epic RPG.

Oldschool Garriot's classic

The game Ultima started as a simple RPG and spawned a large series of games. Released in 1987, Ultima was one of the best selling game of its time. Unlike other games in its time, this one has a great story. Ultima is set in the fictional world of Sosaria, a land broken into four different continents. The land is ruled by a total of eight different lords, two for each of the world's four land masses. The four continents contain two castles each, where quests can be obtained by the player. There are two types of quests given out in the castles' one entails visiting a certain location on the main map, the other killing a specific type of monster in the dungeons. Completing the former type of quest gives stat boosts; the latter gains the player an important item needed to reach the end of the game. Before starting the game, you can either start a game with a new character or continue a previous game. The character creation was quite unique in its time, after creating your character, you start out in the world. Here you can explore, fight enemies and enter town... this is an oldschool RPG, other than Dungeons and Dragons for real passionate.