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Unrest: Special Edition (pc game)
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Quirky little adventure

This is the special edition of the quirky and unusual adventure RPG that is Unrest, and although it's not a game for everyone, it's still worthy of investigation if you're into detailed, narrative-driven titles such as Avernum and Baldur's Gate. The setting here is a fantasy interpretation of India and sees you playing as five ordinary people who are just trying to get by in a trouble-ridden city. You'll face issues such as poverty and hunger, disease, natural disasters and political upheaval as you simply try to survive in this chaotic land. Unlike most RPGs, there's no epic quest, mystical heroes or magical items, and instead the game focuses on giving the player situations where they'll have to make real, genuinely moral decisions that have consequences and will really make you think. You can't actually fail any situation and instead any results simply become part of the overall narrative, making this feel like it's happening in a real world. For the most part, Unrest is an intriguing little game that is worthy of your time. The setting is unusual and compelling, with some truly well thought out situations to discover, and with decisions that really will have you questioning your own abilities and which will make you think. The visuals are simple but quite stylish, with some attractive environmental and character design work, although they might be a little bland for some. There is a lot of text to wade through here, so if you're looking for action, then this isn't for you, while it's also a little short. The Special Edition includes the soundtrack, a novella and a couple of other goodies, but if you are interested, the standard version is possibly the best way to go.

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