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Virtual On: Cyber Troopers (pc game)
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Get your virtual fighter on, get it on, yeah!

I like the pop song twang that this game's title seems to be striving for, it befits it's style really! Gameplay wise it is a fighter with robots, of which it packs no less than 8. The game takes place in a 3d world but you will be mainly seeing the action as a sidescroller, though, certainly, you can use the third dimension to parade out of tackles and for a few other moves. But mainly you will be facing your enemy, so there are no extra problems that plague you in this one department. Anyway, one advantage of Virtual On: Cyber Troopers is that it looks like it's been produced by fans of the robot/mech TV series of yore, you know, the cartons and live action series with transformer type robots, all clad in intense blues and other colors and with motorcycle head gear on. Yap, it's that campy, really, but it sure is worth a revisit, especially if you love Virtua Fighter and that kind of blocky low fi 3D fighting scene. Me, I must admit that I loved the bipping and the swooshing of the soundtrack more than the fights themselves, but then again I'm not that big on fighters. So it might do more for you, like I said, if you love a 3D fighter who wants to be cool, 90s style!