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Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II (pc game)
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For the glory of the Emperor!

The original Dawn of War is a superb real-time strategy game that brings Games Workshop's legendary science fiction universe to life in glorious and visceral fashion. This sequel is an even more polished and exciting game and provides fans with heaps of tactically challenging and exciting missions to complete, making it a great choice for lovers of Final Liberation. The main focus here is on the extensive campaigns which take you through a series of scenarios where you, as the legendary Space Marines, will face off against a variety of the Imperium's most fearsome foes, including Eldar, Orks, and Tyranids. The game is essentially split into two main parts. The first is where you gear up your troops and choose your missions, while the second is the real meat of the game. Battles are played out in real-time with you in control of a small number of units, each of which has its own specific use on the battlefield, from laying down heavy support to cutting down foes up close and personal. There are also RPG-style elements as your troops can level up and learn new skills and equipment. Dawn of War 2 really is a must play for anyone with an interest in the 40K universe or just good science fiction games. It really nails the look and feel of the license, with some impressive cut scenes and superbly done landscapes while the units themselves are just right. The action is both challenging and intense and rarely less than enjoyable so if you need a new RTS and are a Warhammer fan, there's no excuse for this not to be in your collection.