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Watch Dogs (pc game)
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Who watches the watch dogs?

With the recent announcement of Watch Dogs 2 gaining a lot of attention, you might be curious to go back and check out the original game from Assassin's Creed developers, Ubisoft. This one isn't as spectacular or ground-breaking as it was made out to be though, and comes across as little more than an average GTA knock-off but without the crazy sense of sheer fun. It's set in Chicago, with the player in the role of Aiden Pearce, a hacker who finds himself targeted for death when a job goes wrong and who must then seek out those responsible in a quest for revenge (they also killed his niece). As you might expect in a game about hacking, the main focus here is on Pearce's skills, which allow him to access all manner of electronic equipment across the city, from traffic lights to bank systems and beyond. Apart from this aspect though, this is standard open-world stuff, with lots of missions to pick up, characters to interact with, mini-games to play and vehicles to commandeer. Aside from the hacking stuff to make it stand out, there's very little here to give Watch Dogs a real identity of its own. It all feels terribly serious and gray, taking place in a faceless monstrosity of a city that is rarely that interesting to explore. There's certainly a lot to do but it's all a bit po-faced, with the game taking itself way too seriously, thus hiding any real fun that might be had. It's not terrible by any stretch of the imagination but it just fits too neatly into the genre to be of any interest to anyone but the most diehard of fans.

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