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  • Windwalker PC Game
  • Intro sequence
  • Title screen
  • The hooded man
  • Combat traiining
  • Got him
  • Main game screen
  • Exploring the islands
  • Combat screen
  • is his name really Mongoose?
  • Where next?
  • Going for a swim
  • Aargh!
  • Use the icons for combat moves
  • In prison
  • Shame
  • Why the sad face?
  • Alternate title screen
  • Who are these guys?
  • Game title screen
3 out of 5

Otherwise known as Moebius II, an alright RPG of Chinese lore

While it is an RPG at the core, it also has some elements that put it closer to the arcade style fighter genre, but the truth is, the game just blends these two things together quite nicely. So, judging by the rather moderate success and quality of Moebius the first, is this second game a better one, a smarter, faster and stronger one? Well, not by a very lot, but the qualities of this one are sure easier to spot! The RPG engine has been made a little better, the graphics have seen a bit of an improvement, though not by leaps and bounds, and, overall, the entire game could be said to be pretty enjoyable, especially if you like RPGs that put emphasis on fighting. The graphics theme has a lot of elements that will remind and transport you to Chinese lands, and so are the magical creatures in the game, which, too, pertain to that very same folklore. Naturally, it won't be an instant love story, but you will like it, if you like first person RPGs of the early era. Plus, the Chinese lore and graphics tinge was not as popular, so that deserves some brownie points too.
  • 3 out of 5 (2 votes)
    Windwalker (pc game)
  • Genre: Adventure, Oriental
  • Software house: ORIGIN Systems
  • Year: 1989
  • System: DOS

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