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Wizorb (pc game)
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  • Image related to Wizorb game sale. Credit: Steam.

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If there's one thing that's certain in the games industry it's that good ideas never die, they just get recycled and added to in order to bring them to a whole new audience. Such is the case with Wizorb, a strange mix of Japanese RPG with classic Breakout/Arkanoid bat 'n' ball gameplay. It's actually a surprisingly clever and inventive blend which actually works well enough to warrant closer inspection. The majority of the gameplay is familiar stuff, with the only real task being to progress through a series of screens by bashing away at the numerous bricks which litter each one with your magic wand and orb. In addition, you have monsters roaming around the screen as well as spells to cast and power-ups to purchase. There are over 60 levels spread across five different worlds along with some secret levels and in yet more RPG-style trappings, you can meet up with various different characters in each area and the town which acts as a central hub. Wizorb is perhaps not an absolute must play but if you do enjoy a good old spot of brick bashing, then this is definitely one to add to the collection. The essential gameplay remains enjoyable if you're into this sort of thing, with nice and simple controls that make playing a breeze. The additions of items and RPG elements are welcome ones and they do genuinely make the game into a more interesting experience. The visuals are deliberately low-fi, with a cool NES-style look to them which further enhances the game's retro appeal so for a bit of old-school fun, you could do worse.

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