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Worms W.M.D (pc game)
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The worms are back in town!

The Worms series of tactical strategy games is a much-loved one which combines sheer outrageous madness with some actually very deep gameplay to make a mostly classic franchise. So it was with much excitement and some trepidation when the announcement of WMD was made. Fortunately though, most of the game is a resounding success and brings that madcap vibe into the 21st century in a fine way. The game plays out in very similar fashion to the earlier entries, this being a 2D game where you control teams of worms in a series of turn-based battles where the goal is pretty much just to blow up your opponents in the most hilarious way possible. The big appeal of the series has always been the over-the-top weapons at your disposal and this one doesn't disappoint, with a mix of classics and new ones which are just as deadly and unpredictable. You've also got access to vehicles to spice things up while concepts such as crafting are also introduced. Of course, Worms has always been best in multiplayer and there's still this option but there's also plenty to keep you playing solo. For the most part, this is another great offering in the Worms franchise. It captures everything that made the earlier games so great, with perfect visuals and animation that bring those loveable worms to colorful life. The new weapons are varied and always fun to use while the gameplay is just as compelling as ever. The only real downer is the lack of a level editor but this isn't a major problem so really, any serious Worms fan should grab this now.

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