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Yellow kid (pc game)
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An adventure game paying homage to old point and clickers!

Yellow Kid is a cartoon adventure game, that pays homage to the classics of the genre from LucasArts and many others. You will recognize in there character traits that are in direct correspondence with Flash Gordon, with Mandrake, with game ideas that were (sort of!) stolen form Eternatuta and more. It is however an adventure game for kids, none too heavy in hardcore puzzles or with a mature story. Nope, it's a feel good adventure, that will truly excite those young at heart and will offer you a satisfying experience all in all. Graphically, it's an European cartoon style, but a very well done one, very consistent and colorful. It's also a pretty short game, easy to control, point and click with a changeable cursor type of interface, so very playable. I bet even older people will love it, in spite of its childishness. A good alternative can be Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed, a similarly cartoonish game, but with much more advanced graphics, which might work better for those that have lived with modern cartoon series, digitally produced.