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Ys Origin (pc game)
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  • Image related to Ys Origin game sale. Credit: Steam.
  • Image related to Ys Origin game sale. Credit: Steam.
  • Image related to Ys Origin game sale. Credit: Steam.
  • Image related to Ys Origin game sale. Credit: Steam.

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Japanese RPG fun

The Ys series is a true classic of the RPG genre, and stands comfortably alongside Zelda, Final Fantasy and Phantasy Star. Origin is definitely one for the hardcore fans, providing as it does the background to the entire franchise, but which is equally enjoyable for newcomers. The story here is actually the first chronologically speaking, taking place some 700 years before The Vanished Omens and as such features an all-new set of heroes. There are three playable characters here, a young knight, a magician, and a mysterious individual known as The Claw, but who only becomes available after completing the game with the other two. You venture into the forbidding Darm Tower, each character having their own reason for doing so, and as you progress the story unfolds, but which is best left undescribed here, as it is twisty and turny with lots of surprises along the way. The basic gameplay is similar to earlier entries The Ark of Naphishtim and The Oath in Felghana, and is effectively a fast-paced action RPG where you explore the tower, slaying monsters, grabbing items and armor and helping the story to unfold. For the most part, Origin is a highly enjoyable bit of monster-mashing RPG fun. There's a good story here to enjoy, especially if you're a fan of the series, while the action is satisfying and thrilling. There's a bit of the usual grinding to be found in JRPGs as well as some of the dodgy angsty dialogue to wade through but the visuals and action make up for this, so if you're looking for a bit of old-school RPG fun, this should fit the bill.

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