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Z Collection (pc game)
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  • Well done, you're getting blue HQ
  • The second level is going to be a bit more difficult
  • Zod is not going to be happy at all!
  • Too bad!!
  • You'll have to conquer blue zone
  • First mission... here the headquarter
  • Great explosion!
  • The blues are approaching the HQ
  • Introduction: Renegade presents...
  • Introduction movie
  • Select the unit and say them what to do
  • Too bad!! They're destroying the HQ!
  • Second stage introduction
  • Watch out the blue units on the left!
  • Courtesy of Arena 80.
  • Courtesy of Arena 80.
  • Courtesy of My Abandonware.
  • Game title screen
  • Image related to Z Steel Soldiers game sale. Credit: Steam
  • Courtesy of Free Games Empire.
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