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An update pack for the original strategy

Zeus was a strategy that packed both a managerial as well as an economic, diplomatic as well as war waging portion, but what it mainly was, was a city builder type deal. Apart from its combination of gameplay genres, it was also novel for the theme and story it told, as you were playing the part of almighty Zeus, the ruler of Greek Mythology. Anyway that was the original game. This expansion pack brings in a new campaign which raises the total amount of episodes you can play to 65, and it also brings in a few new civilizations, that of the Atlantis included. Visually the expansion does little to improve upon the original, the 2D top down view on the maps is still your main gateway into the game and the game could be said to be relatively nice looking, certainly a bit better than earlier city/civilization building games. You will find this game an absolute joy to go through if you love the classic Civilization games and also, if you don't mind a bit of Populous ideas being absorbed in just as well. So, that's the recipe, as good as it could get and with this expansion even more time consuming. Have a go at it!
Zeus Official Expansion: Poseidon (pc game)
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  • Game menu
  • Birth of Atlantis stage
  • Starting a little settlement
  • Creating fishery and hunter
  • This place has good soil to plant trees
  • Setting some farm here around
  • Putting a marketplace
  • It's a nice city now
  • Setting a big marketplace