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Zombie Smashers X2 (pc game)
4.25 out of 5 (4 votes)
  • Impressive combo
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Cheapish looking beat them up with a raggedly graphic style

If you'll allow me, I'll compare this game to one of those teenagers that was impressed by bands such as Metallica or Slayer in their heyday to the point where he or she started wearing nasty looking T shirts, getting their hair all long and messy and thinking they were somehow original and cool. What they were, for the most part, with few exceptions, was raggedly looking and that wasn't really too nice, but, well, that's the way subcultures come and go, I would assume. So, here's a prime example of a game giving way for that raggedly subculture to express itself. The game is a beat them up gameplay wise, but graphically it makes use of ugly backgrounds, and it puts you against enemies that are very crudely drawn. So, I guess, your enjoyment of the game will be a question of your interest of this very in your face art style, while the game's actual content could suit a vanilla beat them up left to right stroller. But, maybe that's the game's appeal, as the development team, neatly titled Totally Screwed Software had come up with a few more titles in the series, which stands to reason to assume that they had found a niche for their games. I can't say that I disliked Zombie Smashers X2 but then again, the punk, ugly, raggedly graphical style isn't my cup of tea either.