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Avoid this Gold Rush

Although 1849 sounds like it might be an interesting addition to the city building genre that is typified by the likes of SimCity, it unfortunately turns out to be a bit of a dud. It's set during the California Gold Rush of the 19th Century and as is usual in this sort of thing, it's your job to help the whole thing along. You get to build towns, send in workers to mine the gold, while making sure there are enough places to house them, feed them, and entertain them. You also have to manage and coordinate production to ensure your town thrives, while there are a couple of different modes to try out. These include a campaign and a sandbox mode where you can play around with different options such as rainfall levels and resources to test your skills. The campaign mode offers scenarios with differing starting conditions, victory goals and obstacles and which provide some interesting challenges. There are also over fifty resources to mine and experiment with. Although on paper 1849 seems like it would be a good addition to the genre, in practice it's quite the opposite. The main reason for this is that the game plays out like a very simple mobile game with an almost complete lack of depth. The gameplay is very basic, with a very limited range of options and no real sense of freedom to explore or experiment. On top of this, although the visuals look ok on paper, in practice they're equally as unimpressive, with minimal animations and reused sprites. Overall, this is very disappointing and you should stick with Railroad Tycoon.