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1954 Alcatraz is included in this package:

Evocative but dull

If you're a follower of Telltale's stylized storytelling in games such as The Walking Dead and Back to the Future, you might be tempted to check out this title. However, while it is quite bold in its narrative form, it ultimately proves quite unsatisfying and is actually quite easily skipped. Things get off to a good start, with an interesting setup, as the player finds themself in 1950s San Francisco. Joe is serving a life sentence in Alcatraz for robbery, while his partners, including his wife, remain on the outside. Joe's intention is to escape the prison, with the aid of his wife, while the third member of the gang is determined to grab all the loot from their heist for himself. What follows is a point-and-click adventure, like Monkey Island, where you switch between the characters, solving puzzles in traditional genre fashion while making difficult decisions regarding trust and honor. Depending on your choices, there are various possible endings to unlock, which adds significantly to the replay value. This really is very much a standard point-and-click adventure for the most, but which fails to live up to the heights the genre can reach. While the story is initially intriguing, the game unfolds at such a slow pace, that interest soon starts to wane and it becomes hard to care much about what happens. The puzzles too aren't the most compelling and are not overly challenging either, giving the game a pretty short lifespan. When you throw in the average visuals you're left with a distinctly sub-par adventure.