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1979 Revolution: Black Friday (pc game)
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Come the revolution

Similar in essential concept to the likes of Telltale's adventures such as The Walking Dead, this is a mature, narrative-focused experience that is bold and original enough to make it a must-play for anyone who cares about story in their games. The plot here focuses on the 1979 Iranian Revolution, so you should know from the start this isn't going to be a fun-filled romp. You play the role of a photojournalist through several chapters and see the horrors of the revolution unfolding through his eyes as he experiences a number of dangerous and heart-breaking situations. You'll meet up with people fighting on both sides of the conflict and learn that things aren't always clear cut in such scenarios. The gameplay is very much inspired by the Telltale formula, consisting mostly of narrative sequences with timed decision-making sections, with your choices affecting how other characters relate to you as the story progresses. There's a bit of freedom in certain locations where you can explore and collect useful items while you also need to use your photography skills at certain times. 1979 is certainly an unusual choice for a game but its sheer bravery in subject matter is also what makes it so compelling. The narrative is complex and deep, with a number of thought-provoking themes well presented and which really elevate this above other similar games. Visually, it's also nicely done, with a good sense of the period and with some highly evocative environments to explore. This might not be to everyone's taste but if you want something unusual, this is a cracker.