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3D Realms Anthology (pc game)
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  • Game introduction title screen - cover
  • Game over!
  • I'm not sure how those things are going to stop me, but they can try
  • Here it goes!
  • Getting tricky
  • You said it bro!
  • Slippery stuff
  • Watch out!
  • Although it might be paint. A bit avant garde for my taste if it is.
  • Trying out some different weapons
  • Story info
  • Let's all go to the zoo!
  • This is kind of spooky
  • Watch out for the blobby thing
  • That's a nice tree
  • Make the jump
  • Story info
  • You are even uglier than the little one
  • You're an odd looking fellow. I'm going to blast you.
  • Grab the juice