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3D Realms Anthology (pc game)
0 out of 5 (not yet rated)
  • Doesn't really look like a super villain's lair
  • That's me in the corner
  • Developer's screen
  • You can buy from underground market (and sabotage your opponents...)
  • Menu screen
  • He looks a little pink and well scrubbed
  • Boing!
  • That's some dodgy design work
  • Slippery stuff
  • You will have to avoid the fences
  • You've just unlocked the gold key
  • Game over!
  • I'm going to stay up here
  • Getting tricky
  • Controls
  • Are you eyeballing me? Well, I suppose you can't do much else.
  • Get on container
  • Take 'em down!
  • Menu: start the mission
  • Exploring the dungeon