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8-bit Armies (pc game)
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Let's go to war

With its mix of lovely block graphics and adherence to the classic real-time strategy formula as laid down by Command & Conquer, 8-Bit Armies is a cracking piece of entertainment that is well worth closer inspection. It's a fairly simple game, with only one faction to play as and mostly straightforward missions but it is fast-paced and challenging and deliver in the fun department. There's little in the way of story or background to the game, so don't go in expecting deep narrative and lots of flashy cutscenes, and instead you're simply thrown into the action straight away. This one stick very much to the standard RTS template, with the usual elements of base building, exploration, multiple units to experiment with and of course, lots of combat. There are twenty-five campaign missions to play through as well as ten co-op levels and the option to play an online skirmish mode for up to eight players while the environments are fully destructible, adding to the appeal. Although the title is a tad misleading (there's nothing really 8-bit about the visuals or the gameplay), there's no denying that 8-Bit Armies is a lot of fun to play. The mechanics are simple to pick up but thanks to the decent AI, the missions are challenging enough to keep you going for some time. The visuals are love 'em or hate 'em, with some likely to appreciate the use of color and others more likely to find them a touch bland but they're certainly attractively efficient. The gameplay is fast and furious, which is the game's core appeal, so if you're after an RTS which exercises your trigger finger, this is a good bet.