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8-Bit Commando (pc game)
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Let the good times roll!

Anyone with fond memories of classic run 'n' gun shooters like Rush 'n Attack, Metal Slug, and Contra would be well advised to check out this modern tribute to these classic games of yore. It's a loving recreation of a past era when games were brutally tough and didn't hold your hand but which still managed to be hugely entertaining. The minimalist storyline finds you in control of the classic genre hero, a lone commando sent into enemy territory to deal with a rogue nation developing nuclear weapons which must be stopped at all costs. This translates into a stylish side-scrolling action romp with six individual levels, and with missions including infiltrating a nuclear base to stopping shipments of fusion material. Of course, you have access to a range of weapons, starting out with your basic machine gun and building up to lasers, spread shots, homing missiles, grenades and a flamethrower. In a nice (but challenging) touch, you only have five minutes to complete each level, which really piles on the pressure, while there's also a cracking local co-op mode, which is by far the best way to play. 8-Bit Commando is definitely not a game packed with depth and strategy but for when you're in the mood for some classic 80s mindless violence, it delivers the goods in spades. It certainly looks the part, with some cracking old-school visuals which really evoke memories of the period for those who were there. The action is relentless and although there are only six levels, they are challenging enough to keep you going for some time. Grab a chum, rip off your shirt and get blasting!