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The best of the Text-based Genre

Text-based Games are difficult due to the fact that there isn't any image to guide you and you must imagine the places in your head by understanding correctly the writings. This genre may be very boring and cofusing if you're not accustomed. But this game is different, it's easy to understand and is very intresting. Despite being very short, the game is funny and enjoyable, with more than 1 way to end it. This is a must-play even for those who don't like Text-based Genre!

Lots of things can go wrong in the morning!

This is a text based adventure game, totally interesting and very short, about the actions, choices, and the things that could go wrong in the morning jus after you've woken up! So, as the name of the game sort of suggests, you are a bit late to wake up! You have to decide where to go next, what to skip entirely, and so on. It's a busy morning for sure. Your options are always limited, and the game is not timed, yet that push and shove, a thing of the non morning waking individual is still present in the game, and it is, I'd say the main cool thing of this game; that you feel the pressure of the morning! Anyway, I don't want to spoil the game, as it can get interesting after a while, so really, have a go at it, even if you're not one to try interactive fiction or text based adventure. It's got a certain allure of Stanley's Parable, though not at intense, and it's got a cool vibe, that will most certainly put a smile on your face. And, dissimilarly, download Kingdom Without End, a text based adventure for those that have time on their hands!