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A Boy and His Blob: Trouble in Blobolonia (pc game)
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The blob, the best friend a boy can have!

A Boy and His Blob: Trouble in Blobolonia is a great adventure/puzzler, with a unique mechanic. You are a boy that has been blessed with the coolest superpower of them all. He can transform into any object that might be of aid to you during your left to right adventuring. He can take the shape of a Marry Poppins like umbrella, if you need to safely let yourself fall from great heights. You can also use your blob to create an insta ladder, or you can use him for lots of other cool things, that will help you go from point A to point B, without issues. Graphically, the game looks like an alright 2D sidescroller, 8bit styled, with sweet little animations at time, such as your character feeding the blob, or just watching the blob transform is just as cool a proposition. So, ultimately, A Boy and His Blob: Trouble in Blobolonia is a simple yet fascinating game, great for children or for any adult that hasn't yet lost his sense of wonder! Play it, and try other blob inspired titles as well, some of them have something cool to offer.