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Hack and slash but little else

If all you're looking for in a game is intense waves of action and combat, then Aarklash might just be what you're looking for. However, if you also value a good narrative, depth and variety then you will just have to keep searching for your next gaming experience as this is is likely to disappoint. It certainly delivers on the combat front but it soon becomes apparent that there's little else to discover and interest quickly wanes. The story finds the player in a world of Light, Destiny and Darkness, where battle springs eternal. You take control of a group of mercenaries who have been wrongly accused of crimes against a key figure and who are now being hunted down. You must fight for your life, prove your innocence and uncover dark secrets as you go. What follows is basically an isometric dungeon crawler, Diablo style, where you roam various dark environments and slay beasts and so on. There's a it of exploring to do and a supposedly rich storyline to enjoy but in all honesty, this game is all about the combat. In this respect, it's successful as what is here is satisfying and challenging, although as a whole, the game doesn't last all that long. On top of this, you soon discover that the story is almost non-existent and that there's not much in the way of depth or variety. The visuals are pretty standard stuff for this kind of thing, but are attractive and well designed, but the occasional puzzles are pretty tedious. All in all, this is one only for those who just want hack and slay.