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Abaddon (abaddon: fallen angel) (pc game)
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A classical fun and unique RPG

It is a very fun and addictive anime style RPG game which brings many features on board. It does not have the typical fantasy world of rescuing some princess protecting the world. You will play here as an aging and egomaniacal despot who is in search of the secret which leads to immortality so that he can prevent his imminent death. The world where this game will run can be termed as futuristic dystopia which is not much different from the Interplay's Wasteland. The control can be easily managed through the keyboard. Using the keyboard buttons you will handle the duke and to choose options for attacking during battles. For every action in the game, there are different set options which you can choose and this feature gives this game a lot of depth. The game is open ended where you have the replay ability for the purpose of seeing that what would have happened if you have gone for a different option. The VGA graphics that it features are crystal clear with many elegant details being featured in the rundown buildings.