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Absolute Zero (pc game)
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  • Canyon run
  • Banking right
  • Heading for the waymarker
  • What's that up ahead?
  • Locked on
  • Stay on target
  • Game introduction title screen - cover
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  • Courtesy of My Abandonware.
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A good spec action game with an average interface

It is yet another sci-fi game with an action theme and an adventure touch to it. The plot is that you belong to the 24th century where the humans have managed to achieve the cold fusion and they move about freely in the space in their cold fusion engines. The space colonies and stations in the far of space are involved in a verity of researchers for more expansion and they also do mining. The game is basically based on Europa which is Jovian that is covered with ice. The workers while working on his Jovian moon have discovered an alien race who are very angry and want a fight. The researchers or the humans in space do not have any military aid near and therefore they will transform their equipment to fight the aliens until aid from earth will arrive. That's pretty much the plot and the rest is all out action and adventure. You have to collaborate the untrained workers for the fight and have to devise strategies for launching an effective attack and surviving their onslaught. You will be driving both air crafts and land machines. The UI in the game is hard to master but you will get a grip by reading the manual carefully. The controls in the game are good enough and the graphics are pretty cool as well. It is the interface design in the game which has not been executed to perfection but the rest in fine. If this game is not up to your standards, then try Carmageddon because you will love that one for sure.