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Achtung Panzer: Kharkov 1943 (pc game)
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We shall not fall!

Acthung Panzer is a pretty solid entry into the WWII strategy genre, that harkens back to Panzer General and the like, but is slightly let down by a cumbersome interface and a lack of immediate accessibility. It's still worth checking out if you're into detailed recreations of the period, but if you're a newcomer to the genre, you might want to look elsewhere. As the name suggests, the game is set in 1943 and sees you in the role of a Russian commander in defence of Kharkov, a city crucial to the war effort. You have access to all the gear, men and weapons that were available at the time, and it's your responsibility to ensure the city doesn't fall. Everything is recreated in painstaking detail, from Karkhov itself to the weapons and vehicles at your disposal, while everything plays out in very realistic fashion, with day/night cycles and destructible scenery. The game is split into two main phases, the operational part where you allocate resources, move your troops and so on, and then combat, which is where the fun really starts. The scale of things is perhaps one of the best parts of the game, and you really do feel as if you are taking part in an epic undertaking. The realism is also impressive, and which further adds to the immersion, while the visuals are detailed and gritty. Where things go downhill is in the accessibility and interface, and it takes some time to figure how to actually get things rolling, especially if you're new to this sort of thing. If you are an old hand though, you should get a lot out of this.