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Act of War: Gold Edition (pc game)
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Save the world

If you like your military action hard and intense, then this cracking set of strategy games will be right up your alley. The series is based on the books by Dale Brown and this Gold Edition packages both Direct Action and High Treason is one great value set. Direct Action is the first game in the series and finds America in the near future in crisis, with terrorists taking advantage of worldwide energy problems to take the fight to the enemy. What follow is basically a military RTS, akin to Command & Conquer, where you control an elite military unit in their struggles across the world to defeat the terrorists. There's the usual mix of units and resource gathering but interesting elements like several different ways to generate cash make this a little different from usual. High Treason is more of the same but adds in sea battles, with new factions having different ships and even submarines, while mercenaries are also added in, along with several multi-player maps. Both of the games stand as excellent entries into a crowded genre. The base game is detailed and complex, with plenty of opportunities for strategic play, and you really have to think hard about your moves if you want to win. The variety of units, especially in High Treason, is impressive, and there's a lot of fun to be had with experimenting with them. The visuals too are pretty slick, with some nicely designed vehicles, units and environments. It's all held together with an intuitive control system so really, if you're looking for a new RTS, you have no excuse not to look here.