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Agarest: Generations of War 2 (pc game)
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The Agarest series of JRPGs is a generally decent set of games which offer the usual sprawling storylines, massive worlds to explore and fancy, over-the-top battle systems. However, this addition, which takes place in a parallel world to the previous games, is a bit of a mess and is only really suited for die hard genre fans. The complex plot revolves around that classic RPG staple of a mysterious darkness taking over the world, with demons overrunning the land and with an amnesiac lad being the one to step in and save the day. It all gets a bit bonkers after that, with talk of dead gods, Vessels and other such madness. What follows is a fairly open ended RPG where you wander around, picking up quests, playing mini-games and breeding your heroes through the generations while slaying monsters as you go. The battle system sound slike it could be good but is unfortunately a bit of a mess thanks to some poorly organizes tutorials which don't really explain anything and which just leave you baffled about what goes on afterwards. While the story is fairly interesting if you're into this sort of thing, it does get a bit soap opera-like and over-the-top, with characters that aren't all that compelling. The visuals look OK in pictures, but when you see the game in action, it soon becomes apparent this is a fairly poor port of a PS3 game which suffers from dodgy detail and textures, although the character work is decent. Overall though, unless you really need another JRPG in your life, this is easily skipped.