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Agarest: Generations of War Zero (pc game)
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War beckons

The Agarest franchise is not a particularly well known one, but for fans of JRPGs like Ys: and such titles, it's one which is perhaps worth checking out. This entry isn't the best but it combines a fairly epic (if not overly complex) story with heaps of fighting and questing to decent effect. The story here is the usual RPG nonsense, involving ancient gods, perfect worlds, terrible wars, and of course strange girls who help young fellas discover their true destiny. The narrative probably means more if you've played other games in the series, but in this case, it's not the game's strongest point, being pretty simple stuff, lacking in memorable characters, situations or dialogue. In terms of gameplay, this is likewise far from being complicated, and very much focuses on action and adventure. You get to choose to fight for Light or Dark then build your army of heroes by wandering around the world, beating up anything that gets in your way. You have a card system which is used to build your character's personality, while you can also find your love interest and sire children to pass on your genes through the years. Agarest isn't a bad RPG, but it's far from perfect. There is certainly heaps of fighting, but it does get a little repetitive, with a lack of variety in the enemies and even though there are lots of combos, the appeal does wane after a few hours. Visuals aren't spectacular but do the job and although the game does have its flaws, it remains an enjoyable enough entry into a popular genre.