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Age of Wonders 3 - Eternal Lords (pc game)
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Tremble before my armies!

This is the second major expansion for the superb Age of Wonders 3, which is kind of like a fantasy version of Massive Assault, in that it's an epic turn-based strategy game. If you are a fan of the series, this is a must play but if you're not familiar with it, then do yourself a favor and get acquainted soon. The basic gameplay remains the same but there's an absolute stackload of new content to enjoy here and which will keep you playing for months. There's the all new Necromancer player class, which creates some cool and very scary units, a new race in the Frostlings, who have ventured down from the frozen wastes to cause havoc, while the Tigrans are cat-like desert dwellers who have access to some very powerful mystical spells. There's also a more complex race governance system which adds some nice depth, more map locations, new hero items and a whole bunch of other features too. Eternal Lords really is a great example of how to do an add-on pack. Of course, the base gameplay remains much the same, but that's no great problem as the interface, controls, and other aspects are all so good. The visuals remain as spectacular as ever, with a great mix of stylish units and environments, as well as plenty of slick special effects. The extras are all well thought out and implemented, with meaningful content that genuinely adds to the player experience, subtly altering it but never weakening it or making the player feel short changed. It's bug free too, which is just another reason to add this superb game to your collection.