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Although the Age of Wonders series might not be that well known, the three main games in the franchise are actually pretty decent experiences that are well worth looking at if you're into fantasy and turn-based strategy. This third installment is probably the best of the lot, and doesn't require previous knowledge so if you fancy something different, look here. If you're familiar with Master of Magic, you should be at home here as the game shares many of the same mechanics, although it's just as accessible to newcomers. The background here revolves around a war between the Commonwealth Empire and the Elven Court and the game provides campaigns for both factions. Gameplay wise, this shifts between moving your units around the world map, seeking to extend your influence by conquering new cities, carrying out research and protecting your assets, and hex-based combat. This sees you moving your squads around, using action points carefully to ensure strategy to your attacks, with things like magic and positioning playing an important role. One of the game's biggest attractions is its range of units, with around 250 to make use of and which lends a nice strategic element to proceedings. The whole package though is superbly well handled though and there's very little to find fault with. The two elements of gameplay work well together, with both requiring thought and skill in equal measure. The world is wonderfully brought to life with excellent visuals that are full of personality, and overall this makes for a top notch experience.