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AI War Collection (pc game)
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Stunning collection of sci-fi goodness

If Master of Orion or Command & Conquer are your bag, then this incredible value collection of science fiction strategy games should definitely be high on your shopping list. You have the base AI War game here plus an absolute stack load of downloadable content and what's on offer here is going to keep you hooked for years. The base game is wonderful bit of sci-fi strategy that has you expanding your fleet to take back the galaxy from the conquering AI and which incorporates all sorts of different elements to create an absorbing and complex experience. The extra content adds an incredible amount of stuff to an already massive game, with new ships, new factions, new things to discover and even new ways of thinking in the form of updated strategies for your enemies. The content adds some unbelievable depth to the universe and makes it even more believable and exciting to explore than ever before, so if you want to lose years of your life, then this is the pack to go for. AI War really is a stunning example of the science fiction strategy genre. Although it might prove complex for some, with a steep learning curve, it's made easier by the intuitive interface and the sheer level of reward that you get from sticking with it. The gameplay is rich, complex and challenging and will really test your skills as an armchair general. The add-ons bring some genuine value to the game and are the perfect example of a developer listening to what the fans want. Anyone who likes sci-fi and strategy is doing themselves a disservice if they don't play this. Get it!