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Air Duel (pc game)
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Boom town

Air Duel is very much a by-the-numbers vertically scrolling shooter which plays almost exactly like Xenon 2, Sky Shark, and later offerings such as Raptor. It's not a bad game per se, it just doesn't offer anything that other games don't do better, making it an easy one to skip unless you've just got to have every shooter in your collection. There are the very basics of a storyline here and which revolves around an evil and very secret organization called D.A.S. that is threatening to destroy the world for its own nefarious reasons. As a member of the World Defense Force, it falls to you to jump into the cockpit of either the FG-40 Jetfighter or the E-709 attack chopper and take the fight to the bad guys. What this means is that you have here a completely traditional vertical shooter which sees you making your way through a series of levels, blasting away at enemies both large and small. You'll find tanks, planes, static gun emplacements, ships, and more, along with the usual OTT bosses while there are a few powerups, including a smart bomb, and even the option to play with a friend. Air Duel isn't awful but it's far from being a great example of the genre. Although it ticks most of the boxes for things you want in such a game, it just lacks personality and feels overly generic. The weapons are perhaps one of the biggest letdowns as they are simply so ordinary, lacking in the spectacular feel that such games need. The visuals are fine, if a bit flickery, while the controls are right and responsive, but overall, this is merely average.