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Akaneiro: Demon Hunters (pc game)
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Akaneiro is another one of those games which popped up in the wake of the massive success of role-playing games like Diablo but while it is an undeniably lovely game to look at, it unfortunately falls down in a number of other areas and which makes it a tough game to recommend. Background-wise, the game is a bizarre mix of Japanese mythology and Little Red Riding Hood, where you take control of a Red Hunter, a warrior belonging to a demon-hunting society. The story however, is pretty thin and is very much supporting material, with the action forming the biggest part of the game. The main gameplay is very combat-focused, which is where the comparisons to Diablo come in, as it consists of clicking on enemies until they die. You have access to melee weapons and special abilities, while there are the usual customization options involving classes to choose from. Everything is centered around a hub area where you can purchase new gear and choose your next mission, with success in these missions bringing experience and cash to purchase further upgrades. Demon Hunters certainly is a lovely looking game, with some very stylish visuals that are extremely artistic and appealing to the eye. However, once you get into the gameplay you'll find that beauty is only skin deep. The action is occasionally exciting but is for the most part simply tedious while everything gets very repetitive very quickly, with a lack of variety in missions and other elements. It's a shame that the gameplay doesn't match the visuals, as this could have been a special game.