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Al Qadim: the Genie's Curse (pc game)
4.33 out of 5 (3 votes)
  • Title screen
  • Background detail
  • Meeting with the master
  • That's a tough prophecy to live up to
  • Entering the maze
  • Watch out for traps
  • Look out behind you!
  • That's going to hurt
  • Stay away from the green mist
  • Options
  • I should leave her rest
  • Game title screen
  • This is not good
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  • Courtesy of Abandonware France.
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Good top down arcade style action RPG

While also introducing a few customizations for your character, that could prompt you to think that this game is an RPG, this is at its heart a top down Super NES like graphic action adventure. The game setting is interesting as it will remind you of the cartoon version of Alladin, so expect a bit of an Eastern style to it. Many of the game's levels will feel like the game is a fast paced arcade, though it also has its share of quests , you will interact with other characters, will have to dialogue your way out of or into trouble and will have to pursue all sort of quests. The action portion of the game will feel like a revised and modernized version of real time action Dungeons and Dragons style, and the enemies that will be presented to you, while not very diverse, will prove ok as a challenge. What I see this game for, is someone who likes top down RPGs but doesn't care that much for party based and turn based shenanigans, instead, being more enticed by a more fast paced action. Sure this is no Diablo, but without a doubt it is a playable game, graphics, mechanics and difficulty wise. Give it a try but don't expect a revelation, just an OK RPG focused on action.