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Alf's Escape (pc game)
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The great escape

Don't bother picking this up if you don't have access to Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty, as you need the base game in order to play this, but if you do own this classic platforming adventure, then you should probably get this too. It's an equally enjoyable add-on that features an all-new story and more of the clever and inventive gameplay that fans love about the series. You're once again in control of series hero Abe and this time you're on a mission to rescue Alf, the rather bizarre fellow first seen in Abe's Exoddus. We're in the same world as the previous game but in an entirely new area of RuptureFarms which is just packed with bonkers levels and puzzles to play through. You can expect to sprint around a slaughterhouse while being chased by meat saws, toss around grenades like they're pineapples in the Stockyards and heaps of other mad but hugely entertaining things. The gameplay is the familiar mix of fast-paced platforming and puzzling, all done up with that classic visual style and dollops of humor. Alf's Escape really is a cracking little add-on that needs to be in the collection of those who own the original. Although there's much that is familiar about the game if you've played the base title, there's still enough to keep you going here. The story is typically entertaining, with all-new dialogue voiced exceptionally well by series veterans while the visuals are as stunning as ever, with a beautiful look that just begs you to take in every detail. Throw in the fun gameplay and you have a great little experience.