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Alone in the Dark: The Trilogy 1+2+3 (pc game)
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  • Inside the saloon
  • A diamond card...
  • Examining the poster
  • Take the oil can
  • Look in the table something useful
  • That clown looks creepy
  • Introduction screen
  • Walking the hallway
  • The enemy is knocked down
  • You will see different angles based on your movements
  • Alone in the Dark... Infogrames 1995
  • You can fight if you end the ammos
  • The door is locked
  • More enemies
  • Introduction: you're in your office in front of typewriter
  • Epic first scene
  • Special thanks page
  • Watching a short piece of western movie
  • Reading the about the investigation you're going to start
  • Quite scary mansion
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