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Always Sometimes Monsters (pc game)
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Quirky take on the RPG

Always Sometimes Monsters deserves some kudos for trying to incorporate real moral decisions and some complex mature themes into its gameplay, but the whole thing isn't quite as successful as it would like to be. The end result is a unique and unusual experience which is very story driven but which just doesn't gel like it should. The game is a modern take on the old-school RPG, which finds you in control of a character who is down on his luck and desperate. Your landlord's kicked you out, you've got writer's block and your girl's about to marry someone else, so you set off on an epic quest to get her back and fix all that's wrong with your life. What follows looks like a traditional top down RPG, but which focuses on relationships and decision making over combat. You can choose a character from an extensive range, each with unique qualities which affect how the story unfolds, with each playthrough offering a wide range of opportunities for decision making. However, the problem with the game is that although there is seemingly a huge amount of freedom and choice, at the end of the day, most of your choices don't actually seem to matter. There's no real sense of character progression or changes in life direction according to your choices, so it all feels like a big waste. When you throw in the boring mini-games, which just feel like padding, the experience is again dulled somewhat and is only saved by the charming visuals and the well written characters which you will encounter. It is a short game too, so bear this in mind before playing.